My House & Remodeling


House Bath

Master Bath

Master Bedroom

Office Bath

Entry Way


Dining Room

Living Room






Drive with Sun Shade and Terrace for entertaining

Old ZNew BMW

Couldn't get both in the garage, so the Z went.

Outside Entry Entry Way

New baths remodeling .....The Old House Bath

The New house bath. The wall texture is multiable layers of tissue paper, with two gold metalic paints.

the new cabinet hardware

New light to match new sink , Towel rack behind door.

Old masterbath haven't decided on artwork and accessorizing. The textured walls are a biege Venetian plaster
with a bronse highlight

Molding added in both baths, and you can see the wall texture better. The curtain, is now gone.

Masterbath opposite wall with cabinet, painted metalic gold with stain nickel hardware. The old office bath on the right

New floor tile and on wall and new toilet.

The new shower, well last year with all the heads and body shower. If you ever remodel a shower be sure and
put in the body shower, its GREAT. New towel rack.

The new office bath, the framed mirrors are now up and the new towel rack . Wall texture is a grey base with
one layer of tissue paper with a silver glaze.

Office Bath

This is the master bedroom's old north wall and the new look

New Burgandy & Biege walls with Picasso prints

Closet wall

Working on valence lighting in the Master Bedroom. They are on automatic dimmers in the picture, they are on bright.
I put in White and Blue, the Blue doesn't show up well but it looks good. I still need to tweak how the lights lay in the
trough, caulk the joints, and paint.

Entryway Old and New with natural edge shelf

New Entry

Close up of natural edge floating shelf. Utility Room new flooring

Floating Shelf

Finally the Kitchen, so far the counter top was extended, the dropped down serving counter removed. The doors to the
dining room are removed and covered and underneath the new counter top too. The doors and drawers painted and fancied up.

New hardware, crown molding, undercounter lights, floor molding, black walnut trim on the front of the counter top
Cabinets are painted Metalic Gold. New Almond Cast Iron Sink

Now you can see the new flooring that I put in the dinning room and the kitchen, utility room and hallways.

Then of course, you need to buy a new dinning room table. New dinning room light

Dinning Table

Dining room wall and the pictures of my travels on the kitchen wall.


This was the old living room. It took me awhile to figure out how to get rid of the early American look. This was the last
of a couple of ideas.

living roomLiving Room

Some art work and the addition of a natural edge table thatI made

Art WorkLiving Room

A closeup of the natural edge table, I call it the River of Gold

Table 1Table 2

The entertainment view, romantic with a good movie and wine/Champagne, Older pix with the lights to find DVDs on the right and adjust the Electronics on the left.

New TVliving room lighting

Got bored and decided to hide TV and that required that I change the back wall too.


The sun room, pix 1 entry to office. pix 2 entry to kitchen/hall backyard at end, deck on left.


I even redid the mailbox

Old Mailboxmailbox

View from the back yard. A canal with ducks etc and the Columbia River

Backyard View